about the author

Allen Coskerie lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, where he loves to get his family out on their little boat and enjoy the sparkling waterways. When he’s not out on the water or doing the hard grind at his day job as a management consultant, he’ll be drawing on his youthful misadventures with his brother and mates to conjure up ideas for his next book.

about the book

One Friday afternoon, Steve and Mark Cross head off on an adventurous father and son weekend in the Australian bush. The long drive provides plenty of time to shake off the weekday woes, have a few laughs and soak up the rugged landscape. In the early hours of the morning, as they near their destination in a remote part of the country, through the endless darkness of the ‘night highway’, they notice a dull light on the road up ahead.As they get closer to the light, it becomes painfully apparent that something is not right. What unfolds from that point will see Steve, Mark and others, encounter a group of locals who subject them to sinister and relentless demands, over and over. If they are to survive, they’ll need to push themselves beyond all physical, mental and emotional boundaries. Either way, life will never be the same.



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People often ask me where I got the idea to write Night Highway.

As a young man I spent many weekends camping rough in the bush with my brother Steve and our mates. A sleeping bag, a tent and a campfire. Basic stuff. We’d drive anywhere from 2 to 9 hours to get to ........


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